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1:1 coaching


1:1 coaching

The purpose of this program is to help you create digital courses that people love and want to buy and create consistent sales and income.

We do this without the need of a massive audience, without complicated and expensive tech, without ads or by having to hire somebody.

We start by looking at the foundation of your business and getting clarity on what you want your business to look like,  your messaging, your positioning in the current market.


You love what you do but:

🌟   You feel overwhelmed with all the things you have to do and you aren’t sure what to do next.

🌟   You feel like you’re doing all the things but nothing really seems to work.

🌟   You have specific questions and want help and customised guidance on how to move forward need a step-by-step roadmap that you can follow and that is aligned and simple to implement.

Here’s how we can work together!

90 min kick off call, 60 min bi-weekly intensive, 20 min bi-weekly catch up calls

This is where the magic happens.

We’ll meet via Zoom and get laser-focused on the best strategy and next action steps for you to move forward and increase sales so you can have those extra hours in the day to make space for what matters most to YOU.

Email support throughout coaching relationship

It doesn’t end after the session though.

If you need personalised feedback or my eyes on your business and have more questions, I’m here for you, just pop me an email.

Resources that support your growth + needs

I will be sending you resources to help on your journey with actionable steps you can take to achieve your personal goals.

These can be swipe files, workbooks, checklists that can support you further in your business.

I’m here for women just like you who:


Want to more from 1:1 to 1 to many

You’re able to support more customers at once and grow your business, make a massive impact and reach the right people and all that with the knowledge that you have, just packaged differently. 


Don't have huge audiences

In fact, if your audience is small but warm, if you are consistently nurturing it, offering good quality content you will be able to find amazing su§ccess with selling courses.


Want income all year round

I will show you how to create sustainability in your business and add a consistent stream of income to your business with digital courses.

Sound like a great fit for you?

You need to look at your marketing strategy as a system as opposed to individual tips and tricks that you found online but haven’t got a clue on how it all comes together.

During our session, we will immediately work through everything that is currently slowing you down so that you won’t waste any more time in vicious cycles of overthinking and fluffy action.

Create an action plan and launch your course and create that reliable source of income.

HERE SOME OF THE topics that we can chat about in this program


Building a framework

I am a strong believer in a profit-first approach when creating an online course. Pre-selling your course idea is a killer solution to 3 main problems:

  • It validates your course idea,
  • You get to be paid whilst you are creating your course
  • You can collect testimonials now and use them to sell your course on your launch.

We can dive deep into putting together a pre-selling strategy that you can use and gain momentum with your digital offer.

A strong foundation

Let’s pinpoint the transformation that your course is intended to offer to your ICA and bring some clarity on how to outline and record your lessons and map out what goes where.

I have helped many of my clients trim the fat on the stuff they don’t need to be teaching because nobody wants to have to go through 9 modules if they can get much better results with 5. And this is what ultimately makes a course great. Straightforward strategies that your students can achieve in a timely manner.

Building your course

An amazing course is one that solves a felt problem for your ideal customer. You don’t want to create a course that helps everybody but to be so specific that you’ll attract people who are so right that they’ll buy straight away because your message resonates so well with them.

If you feel stuck around deciding how to structure your program, in these sessions will map out each module and define what actions do people need to take to achieve that transformation and get the results they need.

Email marketing

Want clarity on growing an engaged email list with subscribers who are ready to buy from you whenever you create a new offer?

Let’s put together a roadmap to not only get more subscribers but also develop a marketing plan so that you can grow, nurture and make money with your list.

Sales funnel

If you can’t fully wrap your head around funnels, webinars and how you can take your course evergreen and put your sales on autopilot in these sessions I will help you implement profit-driven strategies so you can do more of the things that you love.

No fluff just amazing laser-focused and hand-on support without that ick factor and with strategies that align with you.


Frequently Asked Questions


This program is for 12 weeks and starts whenever you are ready.


No, this is for 1:1, no cookie-cutter strategy tobspeed up the process of getting the results you desire.


If you want to add another stream of income to your biz fast-forward your progress and create a digital course that you can market for the years to come, this program is for you. 


I was a handmade business owner turned product-based business coach since 2016. I created my very first course based on how to sell on Etsy and use Pinterest effectively and grew a community of other handmade business sellers. I had so much fun working on that, launching and enrolling students that I really felt joy in teaching others how to do just that. Now I work with coaches who want to grow their business beyond the 1:1 model and add a more passive income to their business.