What if you could create a signature digital course and market it in the span of just 12 weeks?

Or, let me rephrase that…

What if in under 3 months, you could add an online course to your product suite that continues to make you money long after you’ve created it?

An online course that allows you to stop trading time for dollars and gives you the chance to support your clients without the 1:1.

The truth is, at the moment your business can’t run without you. Unless you show up and put in the hours, you don’t have a business.

If you want to learn how to create your signature digital course and leverage your expertise and turn it into a seriously profitable business that doesn’t require your attention for 8 hours a day…

…keep reading


You know you are so close to achieving something great.
The problem? You have no idea where to start.


🔥  How do I know if anybody needs my course?

🔥  Is there any way to validate it before I create it?


🔥  How do I create and record each lesson?

🔥  What tech do I need?


🔥  What platform should I choose?

🔥  How do I set up all the moving pieces?



🔥  Where do I find right people to sell it to?

🔥  What if nobody buys and I’ve done all that work?


You convince yourself that creating an online course is not for you or right for your niche and start sabotaging your dreams despite the fact that you feel exhausted, frazzled and frustrated with the number of hours that you have to put in with your 1:1 each day.

Let me ask you this, do you prefer to live small for years or dare to dream big and start seeing results a few months from now?

Can you imagine…


…having a laser-focused vision on exactly what you need to do to add a new revenue stream that enables you to authentically live your life and make money without having to always do 1:1?

…knowing that you have created a digital product that supports more people and this business model has no ceiling?

…not feeling stuck and at your max capacity with an income that doesn’t reflect your true potential?

What would happen?


🌟 You’d feel confident that you can take spend more time with your family, take a holiday, pay off some debt.

🌟 Make money from your expertise and support more clients at once without having to give individual attention to each one of them.

🌟 You’d stop stressing about what to do next. No more downloading tons of freebies or googling your way through the business. You’d have a fool-proof process that completely eliminates your guesswork so you can get straight to the taking action part.

Let’s make your business work for you, instead of the other way around!

Ready for things to get easy and create a scalable online course that helps more people and leaves you feeling fulfilled personally, financially and creatively?

You want to make a bigger impact, have more time freedom in your biz and make more money but right now, you are caught in the middle of a vicious cycle that keeps you trapped.

More clients = more work

Every. Single. Time


You’re not the problem.

Your business model is!

You want to go big!

You’re naturally ambitious and need the support, the community and the mentorship to hold your hand as you turn your passion into a seriously profitable business without needing to do 1:1 services or paying for ads.

It has never been a better time to leverage your expertise and turn it into a seriously profitable business that doesn’t require your attention for 8 hours a day.


You already have the experience and the knowledge to help your clients kick-ass every single day. With an online course, you can package that information into modules and lessons, expand your reach and help more people.

It’s the natural next right move.


The Magnetic Courses Blueprint is a one-of-a-kind 12-week group coaching and implementation experience that teaches the highly effective system that will help you stop spinning on that hamster wheel and start growing your business organically, authentically and on your terms.

I created the MCB to give you the complete system to create an online course that people love and want to buy and get consistent sales so that you can have more time freedom, earn more, reach a wider audience and make a bigger impact!

What’s included?


Group Coaching + Q&A

Whether you just started or have been doing 1:1 for a while, you know the power of moving from 1:1 to 1 to many. The MCB was created to simplify the process of creating, launching, and selling your course using my step-by-step method so you can start seeing results in 12 weeks without complicated tech or money to hire copywriters, graphic designers, or spending money on ads.


Support Within the Mighty Networks platform

We use the Mighty Networks platform as our main way of communication so you’ll have the support you need at your fingertips. Whenever you feel stuck or have a question, I’ll be available in the MN to give you the guidance that you need throughout your entire journey. You’ll also be able to connect with like-minded women and share your wins with the group.


Critique on Your Work

We have pre-planned week sessions where you can get my eyes on your work and get the opportunity to get a peer-to-peer critique. This will give you the confidence you need to know that your work is as good as possible and allow you to make changes and improvements before moving to the next stage.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn in each of the 12 weeks:

WEEK 1: Clarify & Validate

Before we dive deep into outlining and recording your course there are a few elements that we need to get clear about to ensure that the foundation of your course is strong. It is essential to:

🌟 Understand who’s your client and how to position yourself in the market

🌟 How to name, package and price your offer for maximum profit 

🌟 How to validate your course idea before creating it with market research

🎉 Walk away with the confidence that you are on target with your course idea and gain more clarity and insights from your market research calls on how you tweak, pivot, or develop it further. 🎉

WEEK 2: Implementation week
WEEK 3: Outline your content and expand your reach

Now that you have your offer validated, you’ve got this amazing idea but are thinking how do I turn this into a course? In this week we look at:

🌟 How to outline your course

🌟 How to make your course stand out in a crowded market and deliver amazing transformations to your students.

🌟 The art of teaching your course and how to organise each lesson

🎉 Walk away with a detailed outline for your online course. 🎉

WEEK 4: Implementation week
WEEK 5: Skyrocket your email list

In week five we will look at:

🌟  How to expand your reach.

🌟  Ways to organically grow your audience in preparation for your launch.

🌟  How to come up with a lead magnet idea

🌟  Growing and nurturing your email list in preparation for the launch.

🌟  Creating a welcome sequence 

Even if we only have a course outline at this point, it is already time to work backwards from your launch and determine how to grow an email list and keep your subscribers engaged. I will guide you every step of the way.

🎉  By the end of week three, you will walk away with a lead magnet and a clearly defined plan on how to skyrocket your email list organically. 🎉 

WEEK 6: Implementation week
WEEK 7: Create + record your course

This is where you’ll feel like you’re gaining momentum and getting more and more confident that what you’re working on is going to add so much value to others and provide game-changing transformations.

In week seven we look at:

🌟  How to record your course, what equipment + software you need

🌟  What course platform should you choose – pros/cons

🌟  You’ll have available to you all the tech tutorials for platforms like Kajabi, Podia, Teachary, Convert Kit, Flodesk directly from the source.

🎉  Walk away with clarity on which platform to choose and how to upload/ set up and take payments for your course with ease. 🎉

WEEK 8: Implementation week
WEEK 9: Your profitable sales funnel

This week is all about building predictable revenue with the help of funnels and finding a launch strategy that aligns with you. Now that you are working on your course you are also creating scalable systems that can run on autopilot. On top of building a clear system to follow we will also be looking at:

🌟How to plan your launch

🌟 How to create a funnel and get people to opt-in

🌟 The anatomy of a profitable landing page

🎉 Walk away with an evergreen system that turns leads into paying customers completely on autopilot. 🎉


WEEK 10: Implementation week
WEEK 11: Healthy email list= profitable business

In week 11 we will be preparing your audience for your offer. Your email list is your biggest asset as a business owner so if in the past you’ve been having troubles growing your list, maybe have tried some strategies but it’s hard to keep consistent, this week is all about making your list work for your business and keeping your subscribers warm. We will also talk about:

🌟  What to email your audience and talk about during your launch

🌟  How continually grow an engaged your community  

🎉  Walk away with an automated email sequence that you can run on autopilot and take your course evergreen. 🎉

WEEK 12: Q&A


Pre-sell your course Roadmap  $297 VALUE

Make money on an idea and only turn that idea into a course once you have paying customers.

The pre-sell your course Roadmap is a mini-course that breaks down the exact steps to set up a pre-launch and create a profitable and high-converting sales funnel before you even create your course.

The benefits?

👉   You’ll be making money on an idea and only transform it into a course once you have paying customers.

👉   You’ll gain the confidence that your course is something that people are willing to pay for

👉   Startup money, you’ll be literally paid to create your course.

👉   Little to no tech is necessary. All you need is a mini landing page and a checkout page.

👉   Deadline motivator

As a member of the MCB you’re going to:

Build a strong


Organically grow

your audience

Engage and nurture

your email list

Write high converting

launch emails

Outline and Create

a digital course

Put together a

simple funnel.

Are you willing to wait another year to stop trading time for dollars? This program is what’s going to free up your time by showing you how to unlock the potential inside you. 

The clarity that you are seeking comes from taking action, there will never be a right time to make it happen.

Sound impossible?

Well, it isn’t!

You can start crushing your income goals AND have a massive impact…while having tons of fun.

I will take you through the entire process from validating your ideas to getting more traffic.

Join now at Founding Member Price (50% off) and start rapidly growing your audience, earn more, and have more time freedom.



(Founding Member Price 50% OFF)

✨  The Magnetic Courses Blueprint
✨  Live Bi-weekly Coaching Calls
✨  Access to your Members-Only Mighty Networks Platform
✨  Workbooks, Worksheets and Done-for-you templates
✨  The Pre-Sell Your Course Roadmap
✨  1:1 Strategy Session with Alina

Still have a question about the program? Send me a DM (click here) with the word GROUP and I’ll walk you through it and see if it’s a good fit for you. 

This sounds good but…

My audience is too small

MCB is different from other courses because it focuses heavily on audience growth and growing an email list with engaged subscribers.

A lot of people think they need a huge audience to launch a course when in fact you can launch even with 200 email subscribers and have a 5 figure launch. Let’s do the maths.

🌟  If your course is $997 you only need 11 people to purchase

🌟  If your course is $497 you only need 22 people to purchase.

🎉 You can totally do this! 🎉

I don’t have enough time

I hear ya’! To participate in the bi-weekly training you only need up to two hours every other week and around 5 hours weekly to implement the program.

The worst thing would be if you’re trying to do it alone, without the support in the FB group for people to keep you accountable and to cheer you on, and without a proven plan to follow. That will only waste valuable time, time in which you could be implementing the strategies and becoming as efficient as possible, moving the needle in your business and seeing results.

🎉 Your time is valuable and I respect that fully, that’s why I have put all the possible effort to make sure this program doesn’t contain any fluff just proven, tried and tested strategies. 🎉

Tech scares me!

Tech is definitely a challenge for a lot of us that’s why in this program you will have all the tutorials available for you directly from their source so even people who are not computer savvy can pick up these skills and implement them with the training available. 

🎉 But don’t worry, for the most part, we will keep things easy. Course platform and an email service provider. 🎉

I’ve taken other courses in the past…

I hear you. Buying a course is one of the best ways to learn about how to scale up but if it doesn’t give you a real system with strategies you can implement, it’s just another course.

The MCB is an implementation group coaching program that highly focuses on the doing part. 

🎉 In the 12 weeks that will spent together, I will take you through all my tried and tested strategies that will bring you the results and I’ll help you skip all the trial and error so you can stop googling your way to success and start implementing the things that will bring you results. 🎉

Throughout this experience you’ll feel 100% supported every step of the way.

How do I know that the MCB will work for you?

Because I’ve been exactly where you are right now!

Hi! I’m your teacher and coach, Alina. I help coaches and service providers validate, create, launch and scale an online course. 

I know how it feels when you are getting nowhere, putting in so many hours with your bank account not reflecting your hard work. I started my blog in 2014 and grew it with free content marketing and joined an ads program shortly after.  At that point, I had a list of over 5000 email subscribers and had launched a digital planner which was a success.

In 2016 I decided to open an Etsy shop and design, print and ship planners. I had made over 7000 sales.

After a few years of running my shop and getting questions about increasing traffic and making more sales, I started taking 1:1 clients.

I didn’t realise that by doing 1:1, I had developed a system, my secret sauce, which I compiled into my first digital course. 

That was the best decision that I made in my business because it allowed me to work and support more people and gave me the time freedom to be creative and run my business without having to be present all of the time.

I had recently changed my niche and I’m now working with coaches and service providers to show them how they can also automate their businesses and stop relying entirely on their 1:1. 

As a business owner myself, I understand precisely the struggles and uncertainty of building a business from the ground up.

Not only have I helped other biz owners make money doing what they love, but I applied everything to my own business.

Yep, since 2014 I have walked the talk. I created my methods, templates and plug and play systems. I have launched numerous times and based on my results and what worked for my coaching clients, I have compiled everything in this program so that you can quickly access and implement it right away.


How is MCB different from any other courses?

MCB is an implementation group coaching experience that’s 100% focused on helping you create your signature digital course and launch it to an engaged audience. How the program is structured and how I teach it allows you to complete it in 12 weeks.

Why is only $997? What’s the catch?

This is the first round when I’m running this program, so you’ll be able to join at Founding Member’s price at 50% off, but it’s worth much more than what I’m charging.

What format is the course content delivered in?

Great question! The course will be held live in the bi-weekly calls on Zoom and uploaded onto a course platform together with relevant worksheets and additional resources that you can have access to for the duration of the coaching relationship.

How long will it take before I see the results?

My honest answer is that it depends on the amount of time you can spend going through the lessons and taking action with your business, and how ready you are to implement the steps. 

One thing is for sure, this is not an overnight success.

Things will take time to implement, you will need patience and an open mind to learn new concepts that maybe you never thought about and learn to do things a different way than you are used to. 

You’ll have access to my tutorials, all the done for you templates and my tried and tested strategies so you can get the most out of your business.

Is this course right for me?

This program is fantastic for you if:

✨ You are serious about growing a strong, scalable online business.

✨ You are driven, ambitious and don’t have time for figuring out all the things that will bring results.

✨ You are done with searching for tips and tricks and want to have a reliable system that you can just implement each day in doable steps.

✨ You are ready to grow your business instead of just maintaining it. You want an entire done-for-you marketing system that actually works.

This program not a  fantastic for you if:

✨ You are happy with the way your business currently works, you are satisfied with your current income.

✨ You are looking for a quick fix, get rich quick type of scheme. This won’t be an overnight success.

✨ You are willing to invest a lot of time and effort to figure it all out all by yourself.

✨ You don’t mind if you doing it alone and have plenty of time to learn by trial and error.

I’ve been in your shoes and I’m here to help you.

Sometimes growing a business feels like navigating a maze blindfolded.

It took me years of trial and error. I made lots of mistakes and learned from every single one of them. I pivoted when I had to. I changed my business plan more times than I could count. I’ve been in numerous niches before I found what clicks with me and with my audience. It was a long journey, and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. It’s taught me so much.

However…that doesn’t mean that I can’t shorten the learning curve for you!

Now it’s your time! I’ve developed a unique system designed to show you the exact steps I took to build a funnel that will work regardless of whether you are in an oversaturated niche.

If you don’t act now, nothing will change. Six months from now, you’ll wish you had started today.